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We'd love to invite you to join us for a sparkling collaboration—yes, live streaming!

We believe you have the charisma to light up the screen and share great finds with your followers. There are two different types of live streams: one where you co-host with our professional anchor, and the other where you run the live stream solely.

Addition to this, to help your account grow steadily, we'll provide you with free e-commerce short videos every day for you to post. These videos, complete with shopping carts, can bring you consistent sales revenue.

Introduction to Live Streaming Co-operation:

1.Livestreaming is the hottest trend on TikTok, backed by official traffic support, and it's reshaping consumer habits.

2.If you're interested in a high-reward business or have a passion for jewelry and accessories, don't hesitate to start a Queenou Livestream Activity.

3.Come join us in showcasing the beauty of you and our jewelry to a wider TikTok audience and revolutionize the traditional shopping experience!

Here is the screenshot of a case video from our live collaboration and the related data.

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At Queenou , we are dedicated to empowering creators and maximizing their potential on various digital platforms, especially TikTok. As your trusted brokerage agency, we specialize in connecting talented creators with top-tier brands and businesses, ensuring lucrative partnership opportunities and sustainable growth.

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