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Join the Queenou MCN family, where we turn your creative spark into a blazing career, providing you with the tools, insights, and opportunities to earn and grow consistently.

While it’s thrilling to witness explosive campaign successes, at Queenou, we find our greatest fulfillment in nurturing the steady and sustainable growth of our creators. Our dedicated efforts in incubation and consultation have paved a pathway for our creators to transform their passion into a lucrative and lasting career. It's not just about the occasional viral hit; it's the satisfaction of seeing each of our content creators earn thousands of dollars in commission, month after month.

This consistent earning potential is the cornerstone of a sustainable career in content creation, and it’s what we strive for at Queenou. We commit to equipping you with the best industry practices, strategic brand partnerships, and an unwavering support system to ensure your creativity isn’t just a fleeting hobby, but a thriving profession.

Sustainable Income Stream

As  the content and social media scenes get more and more competitive, the life of a content creator can be plagued with instability.

We remedy that by providing creators in our network consistent sponsorship deals. We are able to achieve that with support from our sophisticated network of partnering brands, as well as by having our very own lines of products under our home-grown brands.

Our creators don’t have to worry about whether or not they would get a sponsorship deal next month to get paid for their hard work, and they can focus on creating qualitied videos, while helping us and our partners reach more people.

More Than A Career

At Queenou, we firmly believe that establishing a sustainable career for our creators is merely the first chapter. Our "Creator Brand Program" unfolds the next, where creators are mentored over 30 days to transition from influencers to brand architects.

This intensive program pairs creators with a bespoke team to cultivate their distinct brand, teaching them to weave their creative prowess into the fabric of commerce. As they learn to turn followers into a loyal customer base, we stand by, ensuring each step is a stride towards a lasting legacy.

Queenou is dedicated to evolving the narrative of creators, framing their path not just in likes and shares, but in the milestones of entrepreneurial success.

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